My goal as a piano teacher is to develop musicians who read well, play artistically, and are familiar with a variety of musical styles. I try to cater to each student's personality, providing an engaging, challenging approach for all learning styles. Lessons incorporate a balance of theory, ear training, sight reading and repertoire approach to the student's level and musical ability. The foundational objective that I have in every lesson is to increase a life-long understanding and enjoyment of piano playing. 

Lesson Durations and Tuition  

Tuition fees are $80.00 a month for 30 minute weekly lessons, $120 a month for 45 minutes, or $160 a month for 60 minutes. Tuition is due the first week of every month. Lessons may be terminated if tuition significantly falls behind. At times, there may be some materials that will need to be purchased. I will write any requests in the student's notebook.  

Recommended Lesson Duration as follows:  

Beginner: 30 minutes  

Intermediate: 45 minutes  

Late Intermediate/Advanced: 60 minutes  


Lessons are standing commitments and continue throughout the year, with exceptions on weeks where students have vacations. I ask that parents help me keep track of their child’s school vacation (when it starts, when it ends) as it seems to vary from school to school. Because I have a very full studio in addition to classes and collaborative gigs, make-up lessons are not offered. The only exception is if I cancel the lesson, the missed lesson will be made up at a mutually convenient time. Should a conflict arise with a scheduled lesson time, the following options are available:  

1) Students may trade lesson times with another student. Contact me for a directory and notify me of any changes.   

2) Students may cancel the lesson, however, no refund will be offered.  



There will be 2-4 recitals a year. I also have my students participate in other local piano events when they arise, such as Utah State University's Monster Concert and PianoFest.   


Parent’s Role  

Parents should show interest in students' progress, support them with a positive attitude, and encourage them to practice and perform. Parents should supervise the personalized assignments I include in the students' notebook at each lesson. I encourage parents to speak with me about any concerns or questions.   

At the studio  

Since I often teach in succession while balancing classes, students should make every effort to arrive on time. Students should be prepared for the lesson, bringing their assignment notebook and assigned music books.  Skype lessons are also a possible option.


Regular lesson attendance and practicing outside of lessons is necessary for consistent progress. Students are expected to practice at least five days per week, at a mutually-agreed-upon amount of time each day. The emphasis of practice should be on quality of the practice, not just on the time spent. The amount of daily practice time needed for students to accomplish their practice goals will increase as their skill level increases. In addition to assigned technique and repertoire, students should also complete assigned written theory homework.